Review – The Cupping Room

My hopes and expectations were high of The Cupping Room however, there was a number of disappointments that we experienced this morning.

The Cupping Room

We met friends at The Cupping Room this morning for breakfast and I was so excited to finally be eating here as so many of my fellow Canberra bloggers have been talking it up. We arrived and it wasn’t incredibly busy which was good however when we asked for a high chair, we were told they didn’t have any. Not too worried as we always have a portable high chair in the car but this is still an issue for those with young children.

Moving on, with the portable high chair installed, waiter returns. “I’ll have a soy latte thanks” to which the waiter replies “we don’t do latte’s sorry, how’s a flat white?”, I return a puzzled look and reply with “fine”. What breakfast joint doesn’t serve latte’s? Again, I’m a little taken back however with all the reviews I’ve read about the food, I am keen to order.

When the drinks arrive, my coffee is luke warm at best and my wife’s mocha is, and I quote, “terrible” and “meh”. With such small cups, they have incredibly smart owners who know that the smaller the cups, the more coffee will be bought then more money is made. Okay so not the best start but the food is yet to come.

I ordered the ‘Dragon Eggs’ with my wife ordering ‘Eggs our way’ (poached eggs with truffle oil) with a side of mushrooms and chorizo. We didn’t have to wait incredibly long which was great because it was 10am and I was starving. When the meals arrived, I was stoked to see the size of my meal and it looked great!

Dragon eggs

The Cupping Room kitchen had done a stella job. The avocado had been scooped out and then mashed up with added ingredients and then put back in the shell. I personally used it to spread on my toast and then placed the spinach on top which was also delicious. The food was well seasoned however, be aware that it did have some additional spice to it. I also added bacon for an extra $4 bringing the total price of my dish to $21. My wife’s eggs were well cooked and in my opinion the mushrooms (garlic and Thyme) were tasty, although she did order chorizo which wasn’t present on the plate (side note; an apology was offered when I paid the bill). The staff were friendly and welcoming in addition to being incredibly apologetic with regards to the high chair (does any restaurant in Canberra have high chairs?).

Overall, the food was delicious but the coffee left a lot to be desired. Would I visit The Cupping Room again for breakfast? Probably, but I would order my coffee “extra hot”.

I give The Cupping Room, 3.5 luke warm coffees out of 5

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The Cupping Room outside

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  • Gary

    How was the egg yolk. The photograph suggests it was not soft and runny. A hard egg yolk is a deal breaker for me

    • tweetcanberra

      One of the eggs was a little firm Gary but one was runny. To be honest, I was that hungry I didn’t care but I agree that hard eggs are usually a deal breaker!

      Thanks for your comment.

  • Michael

    Doesn’t matter how much the mark up is on the coffee if you don’t sell any.

  • Grant Heino

    I just can’t get past the name, it’s just horrific. And then when Mouthless Mutters reviewed them, there was a desert that was a rip-off of my favourite dessertever, from 86! Poor form.

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