A young professional networking group firmly planted in Canberra

Last night, I went along to The Future Sessions (#TFS on Twitter) ‘Growth’ event at the National Arboretum which was keynoted by none other than the Shadow Assistant TreasurerDr Andrew Leigh MP.

FutureNet, an initiative from Consult Australia, aims to provide young professionals working in Canberra an opportunity to network and build non-technical business skills. This particular event was focused on growth, not only in an economic context but also at a professional level.

Dr Leigh was incredibly inspiring in his talk about the growth of Australia and was open and honest during a Q & A session. I took the liberty of live tweeting the event and below is some of the questions that were asked:

Once Dr Leigh had finished inspiring the room, it was time for some of the FutureNet committee to take the floor. Kevin and Nicole owned the stage and it is particularly evident that FutureNet is about more than just drinks and handshakes. Kevin and Nicole focused on delivering useful tips from Dale Carnegie’s best seller “How to win friends and influence people” and even gave the audience a handy take away packet of seeds with tips from the book printed on the packet.

I’m incredibly embarrassed to say that I have never read this book however I have now ordered it from Amazon as a result of this presentation. Kevin in particular, owned the room with Nicole delivering actionable tips on how young professionals can improve their personal skills and I can say that both members of FutureNet left a lasting impression on me.

Just when I thought it was winding up and time to grab another glass of red, another member of the committee, Jess, delivered information on some great events that will help the young professionals of the group grow and develop their skills. I am incredibly honoured that The Social Media Revolution conference got a plug and my eyes were certainly opened to some great events coming up round Canberra.

Although the majority of the audience was made up of engineers, FutureNet provides a unique networking and business skill development opportunity to young professionals in Canberra. To find out more about FutureNet, visit their homepage and make sure that you follow them on Twitter (@FutureCBR)


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