Neel Kolhatkar – Live at UC

If you’re familiar with Neel Kolhatkar, you’d know that he is one funny dude. If you’re not familiar with him, take a look at a couple of his videos below;

Warning, some of these videos have some explicit language

As you can see, Neel has many different personalities, something that makes him an extremely diverse comedian. Although Neel has the ability to wear many hats when it comes to acting, you only have to look at the comments of some of his videos to know that his style of comedy isn’t for everyone.

I was lucky enough to get in contact with Neel ahead of his show this Saturday night at UC to ask him a couple of questions about what how he got to where he is and what Canberrans can expect from his show.

  • You’ve got over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube, how and why did you get started with posting videos online.

I was originally trying to get into acting. I started filming some videos on my phone and posting them online because I thought it was a good way to get into the acting business.

That is probably the most popular as it has the most views. Following for a close second would be the video, teenage girls.

  • When did you realise your videos were going to take off?

When I release Australia in 2 minutes, the day after it had something like one hundred thousand views. Right now, Australia in 2 minutes has over 2.7 million views and 28,000 likes.

  • You’ve appeared at the No Laughing Matter Comedy Gala. Was this appearance a direct result from your online videos?

I had been pursuing stand-up comedy for a while, but landing this gig wasn’t a direct result of what I had posted online up until that date.

  • Tomorrow is your show at UC. What kind of show can Canberrans expect to see from you?

Stand-up show different to my youtube stuff. Plenty of characters and impressions though but more of a show arc with some societal observations and a range of different stories. 

Tickets are still available for Neel’s show tomorrow night at UC. You can grab them by clicking the button below. I’m heading to the show and I can’t wait to have a laugh at the impressions that Neel talked about in our interview.

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If you’d like to check out more of Neel’s skits, you can subscribe to his YouTube channel or like his Facebook page simply by clicking here. 


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