Unlock your Hidden Fitness

Are you ready to unlock that hidden fitness? Jamie from Hidden Fitness is your man.

I recently started training with Jamie in Fyshwick and I can’t sing his praises enough. I’ve always been fairly fit and into sport so I was stoked when Jamie invited me to come out and be put through my paces. Jamie was in an elite special forces unit before starting Hidden and much of what he teaches is focused around correct technique, full body functional movements, strength and conditioning. Personal Training Canberra   Refusing to offer cookie cutter solutions, Hidden Fitness focuses on creating programs and training that is unique to you. No longer do you walk into a gym and receive a photocopy of someone else’s program. Just from my one session (I’m back there tomorrow morning at 6am) I could instantly see the difference in Jamie’s approach to his clients.

While making me work for the entire hour, the focus on correct form and explaining why we were doing the exercises that we were is a unique approach that I’ve never experience before.

An adventure athlete?

Hidden Fitness is your destination. Not only was Jamie a part of the Australian Army’s Special Forces Command, he’s been an adventure athlete most of his life. When I asked him why he loved action sports so much he told me it was the ultimate test for your body. “Pushing yourself to the limit while doing something you love is the ultimate rush” Jamie said.

Would I recommend training with Jamie at Hidden Fitness? Heck yeah but with one caveat. Leave everything at the door. You’ll be tired, sore and ready to give up and that is when Jamie will give you the motivation you need to go to the next level.

For more information about how Jamie can help you grow your strength, visit: http://hiddenfitness.com.au/

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