Apple Music: A first look

Overnight, Apple launched their new music service “Apple Music” which is designed to compete with the growing number of streaming services like Spotify and Tidal (the streaming service owned by Jay-Z). To entice users over to the new service, Apple is offering a 90-day free trial after which Aussie users will be charged $11.99 in comparison to Spotify’s 60-day free trial and $11.99 per month. The service also claims to be beneficial to upcoming artists supplying a “connect” area for fans to engage with their favourite artists. In addition, Apple has set up a 24/7 radio station that is manned from all around the globe called Beats1 and is said to promote the best upcoming music. With music streaming surpassing downloads as the choice of music consumption earlier this year, Apple wants a slice of the pie.Apple Music in Australia

Naturally, I had to give Apple Music a go, see if it will actually be able to compete with my beloved Spotify. My initial reactions, I’m glad I get 90 days free. The service boasts that you have access to all of the music available in the iTunes library so you’d think that they would make it simple to locate. Instead of integrating the store and Apple Music, Apple opted for a separate section, which shows up as “New” in the music section of iTunes.

I initially tried to stream Taylor Swift’s 1989 album, purely to see if she had followed through with her threat to pull her music from streaming, however, I was informed an error had occurred. I opted for something that I hadn’t been able to find on Spotify, The Living End’s, State of Emergency. The song streamed quick enough considering my incredibly poor ADSL connection.

I think Apple Music may be able to lure some of the market from Spotify however, the overall experience left me underwhelmed. I can’t help to think that a simple integration into the store may have resulted in a better experience and possibly more sales if bonus content was offered for purchases.

Have you tried Apple Music yet? We’d love to hear from you, leave a comment below tell us what you think.


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