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Since we started tweeting, we’ve seen our followers grow by over 2,000%. Not only has our follower growth exploded, we have extremely high engagement with our followers on a daily basis. Through a specifically designed strategy, Tweet Canberra has been able to connect quicker with individuals than majority of brands can achieve.

We’ve worked with a couple of local business who were looking to boost their followers and engagement online. Through a tailored strategy, we were able to define their goals and achieve them in a timely manner. Together, we can define your audience, specifically build a strategy to target them and achieve your goals. Here are some examples of ways we can work together:

- Sponsored Tweet Campaign,

- Competition,

- Event Promotion Campaign, and

- Live Event Tweeting.

Here are some of businesses that we’ve worked with in the past;

- Dendy Cinemas Canberra, and

- Ha Ha Bar Belconnen.

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